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Takeru Takaishi
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Takeru Takaishi [userpic]

1. Itsuka wa Merry Christmas
2. Love Song Nante Niawanai

The Instrumental Versions were not included in this compilation. Gomen ne. ~ ! :D


Extract 7z file with 7-zip.

-Highlight above.-

Takeru Takaishi [userpic]

This single by DISH// was released in Japan last October 16.

Takeru Takaishi [userpic]

Music Review #3 will be:

N    i    j    i      ~   R    a    i    n    b    o    w  ~


Rating is 5 out of 5
- Oww? 5 again? But this song is very very touching. I don't know why. Just after listening to it, I already decided myself that I will post another new entry here in my journal. I think the magic that this song has is that it's deep meaning in every line of its lyric.
The song talks about a person who wants to meet someone that can say 'thank you' in his/her true emotions, in a present world where people do not understand the true meaning of love even though it's a new era where all people have communications.

My favorite part of the song is:

Kawari hae shinai machi niji ga dete mo
In a town that doesn't change for the better, even if a rainbow comes out




-First announced in SPYAIR's tour 'Sakura Misutsuki'. Single Album produced by Sony Music Entertainment. Date of Release was on May 29, 2013. And it came with two editions, Regular Edition and the Limited Edition with DVD.

Source: http://www.en.barks.jp/news/?id=1000001945

Sennyu Tantei Tokage (2013, TBS)
(Sennyu Tantei Tokage stars Matsuda Shota.A must watch drama this Spring.)


ALBUM (Itunes Version):

2.) Are You Champion? Yeah!! I'm Champion!!

Download link:

Credits to Hikari No Akari OST ~ Visit: http://www.hikarinoakariost.com/

PV [HD 1080p]:

(TS File Type)
Credits to Asia Music Association Blog ~ Visit: http://ismea2.blogspot.com/

All downloads are not mine, and credited each below. Please visit them and you will find a bunch of J Music downloads! :D

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Takeru Takaishi [userpic]

Hello Everyone here in the Philippines! And also to the whole world!

Here I am again, posting a new music review!
I do not know if I will get excited about this because I still do not see changes in my journal after my music review #1.
But I will still continue on this, even though I know in myself that no one can read this stuff.
Stop with the drama! Haha.
I am still continuing this because I still believe that this journal will have many visitors someday. :D

And now I will begin with my second music review. And the song that I decided to make a review is entitled:

H    e    s    o    m    a    g    a    r    i    !

(    P    e    r    v    e    r    s    e    )    !


Rating is 5 out of 5
-Well, you may say that all of my ratings so far is 5 out of 5. But after listening to this song, you will also decide for it. It is very the jolly type of song that I always crave about. At first, when I discovered about the new single Kanjani8  will release, I said to myself - 'That would be another weird but good song'. And I was wrong. It was a bit weird but a very excellent song!
The song is that very deep in meaning. It tackles about different sides and views about human stories that are random, and in each life story, it sometimes requires a perverse action to make one's life satisfied with desires.

My favorite part of the song is:

~zasetsu ni bansoukou hatte heiki na FURI shiteku
TAFU nanoka gaki nanoka akogare ni tokimeite~

When translated to English:

~Let’s consider the difficult trip as something fun
To make it as a key for something we really want~



Kanjani8 ~ (関ジャニ∞(エイト) ~ Kanjani(Johnny & Associates)


(Hesomagari is a compilation single rather than studio album. There are three versions for the single release. The regular edition has a bonus track titled "Ai deshita"The Limited Edition A comes with a DVD which consist of the music video for "Hesomagari" and its making-of. While the Limited Edition B includes the music video for "Kokonishikanai Keshiki" as well as its making-of video.)

-Source: JPopAsia

Otenki Onee-san (2013, TV Asahi)
Otenki Onee-san stars Kanjani8 member Okura Tadayoshi. It is currently airing.)


Listen it here on MediaFire:

Download it here:

-Copyright to the owner of the song. Please use for your own entertainment.


tachi hadakaru konnan ni hikare HYU-MAN SUTO-RI-
jidai toka ja nai darou kawarazu tsukkondeke
kamase!! Are you gonna go my way?

*hesomagari konjou tataete kimi ni utatte iru
ataerareta seikou nante iran to tsuyogari
yume bakari tenjou tataite jimen wo hatte iku
sono hara ni yogore naki yokubou wo shinobasete*

doko to naku herikutsu meita sekai no monosashi da ga
dore dake no hito ga yutaka dato itteru kana?
'bochi bochi' wo ubaiau youna arasoi ni makikomare
NINMARI to waratta sore wa hiniku ni nan no kai?

ame furu mashita
chirasu hanabira
...honne ja kowakute shikata nee

hesomagari shinbou kakaete dare mo ga naite iru
doro darake tte wakattemo funda mizutamari
taisetsu na mon wo mamotte kokoro kezutte yuku
naki warai warai naki jounetsu wo tsumekonde

teiki atsu ni nagaretatte tada kibou ga mabushikutte
kakushin no BEKUTORU wa
toomawari shitemo asu he to tsunagaru Soul

'jibun wa hito to chigau' tte sameta me wo shite mitemo
jissai wa dou nanda kusubutta dake ja nai ka?

kaze fuku sora ni
kasuka na MERODI-
...yowane wo hakitakunai dake

hesomagari shoudou osaete tsukareta kao sunna
otona ni nattatte risou wa mujaki no katamari
zasetsu ni bansoukou hatte heiki na FURI shiteku
TAFU nanoka gaki nanoka akogare ni tokimeite

haji sarasu ikikata doushiyou mo naku utsukushii
furikazasu joushiki yori jibun ryuu de icchimae yo

tachi hadakaru konnan ni hikare HYU-MAN SUTO-RI-
jidai toka ja nai darou kawarazu tsukkondeke


kamase!! Are you gonna go my way?
zetsubou ni hesomagete


Watch it here:
PS: Sorry for low quality videos. I have a slow internet. :D
-Copyright to the owner of the PV. Please use for your own entertainment.



Takeru Takaishi [userpic]

WOAH! :)
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to everyone in LJ especially to my friend, falconbaby! :D
Well, this is my second post to my journal. Even though I know that only one could view it, I still hope that I can have few friends here by making some posts.

For this post, I just want to share all about my vacation in Boracay Island, Philippines!
It is an island located here in our country, in the region of Visayas. (Because Philippines has three regions,
Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. And the capital of the Philippines, which is Manila, is located in Luzon.)

I got there by riding a plane. And that was my first experience riding a plane!
At first, I was very nervous, but in the middle of the flight, I enjoyed it, being able to see myself above the clouds!

And upon arriving in Boracay, we stayed in a hotel for three nights. The hotel was so wonderful!
And they are very hospitable!

And the beaches there, it was totally gorgeous!




Sand Castles there also amazed and entertained my eyes!

Overall, my vacation there is truly unforgettable, with the bonding among us, my family and the experiences that we had there. I hope Boracay can preserve their beaches so that there will be many visitors and tourists there always! By the way, there are many Koreans there when we stayed there. And I think there are many that they outnumbered us Filipinos. I hope there will be many Japanese people there because I want to meet a Japanese Citizen! :D

That's all about my vacation. I don't want to keep this long.
I hope next year's vacation will be in other country like Hong Kong, Japan, or even Indonesia so that I can meet Uri-chan! :)) But I still don't have the money to go there. Hehe.

Thanks for reading this post in my journal!
Glad that I shared to you a lot about Boracay! :D

After arriving there in Boracay, I just heard in my mind the song of Arashi. And it is 'One Love'!
I think It is because of Hana Yori Dango: Movie Final.

Another P.S:
I am still deciding what type of post I will be posting next.
I would like to post some Music Reviews, especially Japanese songs.
Or even Reviews of Japanese Dramas, so I can help others.
Thanks Everyone!

Current Location: Boracay, Philippines
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Takeru Takaishi [userpic]

Good Day Everyone!!

My name is Takeru Takaishi. Well, this is a pen name, and my real name? I don't remember at this moment.
Just joking! :)
I am a newbie here in LiveJournal. So please be good to me LJ & LJ Users!
I am still not familiar with the whereabouts here in LJ so please can somebody teach me? I am wondering too
if somebody can see this post. I hope there will be one. I like to have friends, so everyone is very welcome!

By the way, I am from the Philippines, the happiest, and most gorgeous country in the whole world!
Haha. And my likes? I like all mystery and detective stuff!

My most favorite is Detective Conan! I also watch other Animes, but just frequently.
I also like dramas that are Japanese. Japanese only! I don't like others because their storylines is boring. And they always emphasize eye candy actors. I just hate that.
Unlike Japanese Dramas, the storylines are unique, and all of their dramas are very good!
I also like J songs especially songs of Arashi. It soothes my mind whenever I hear their songs.
I also like other songs from other bands like Kanjani8, AKB48, SPYAIR, and Aqua Timez.

That's all that I can say. I hope I can be friends with everybody here in LJ!
I also hope that I can join the community of bunnyandclover! I really want to become
a member of this community! I hope I can!

Thanks LJ for accepting me here. If ever someone read this, thank you very much. It will be very appreciated!
Arigatou gozaimasu! ~~


Current Mood: Hysterical
Current Music: Endless Game by Arashi
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